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Turkuaz Bathware 1
Turkuaz Bathware 1
Turkuaz Bathware 2
Turkuaz Bathware 3
Turkuaz Bathware 4


Experience the essence of an authentic Turkish craftsmanship with Turkuaz.

Focused in bringing novelty through advanced technologies and in-depth research- Konsept Centro presented Turkuaz to The Sri Lankan Market by winning its sole agency, further adding to their extensive range of high quality bathroom fittings.

Turkuaz In the last 20 years has expanded past the borders of Turkey and made its name around the Global Market- especially gaining popularity in the European region for its innovative designs & uniquely adaptive nature. In its years of experience & reputation for maintaining high quality standards- the Turkish made brand now owns the privilege of being amongst the most important global producers of bathroom fittings and is available in 60 countries, spanning over 3 continents worldwide.



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